Welcome to the “Spring” Semester!

As anyone familiar with Buffalo’s climate will tell you, the better part of the “Spring” semester is horribly cold. But that doesn’t mean you should stay bundled up at home. As many of us approach graduation, it is time to work harder than ever on establishing your future. Challenge yourself by pursuing opportunities you wouldn’t normally pursue. Put yourself out there by embracing the potential for failure or disappointment. Most of all, recognize the resources that are readily available to you, including the SCOM Club. Ultimately, we are here to help you achieve your goals and aspirations. We look forward to meeting you this Spring!

The mission of UB’s Supply Chain & Operations Management Club (SCOM) is to facilitate the academic, professional and social development of our club members. We want to give our members a first-hand look into the SCOM industry so that they are aware of the latest trends and developments. This will be accomplished through facility tours, guest speakers from the industry, case competitions, participation in APICS events and the sharing of our individual experiences during general meetings. Club members will have the opportunity to develop their networks with top industry professionals, as well as gain knowledge about the vast world of Supply Chain & Operations Management.

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