SCOM Club Annual Focus

As president of SCOM Club, I look forward to leading the club to become an effective organization by developing  a community that will foster the growth of its members and the club as a whole. I will also guide the group by a set of values, including: Determination, consistency, professionalism and positivity. This begins with instilling these values into those that will help me to lead the club. I will hold a monthly executive board member meeting to discuss our club goals and reflect on how we are currently working to achieve them, and how we will continue to do so in the future. As leaders of the club, it will be our duty to ensure that all activities executed by our club are in line with our values and goals.

The SCOM Club will facilitate growth of its members by providing additional leadership roles. A Chair Committee has been created in order to support activities such as fundraising and recruiting. This gives members the chance to participate in the club in a more meaningful way, as well as gain experience in a leadership role within the club. This will help to develop a strong executive board and leadership council in the years to follow.

This year the club will prepare to gain momentum in the near future. Networks will be formed and sustained to plan facility tours and speaker events. The constitution will define in detail the duties of each member and the steps to take in various situations. The transition to the new executive board in the spring semester will be a smooth and clear operation. A strong foundation will contribute the future success of the SCOM Club.

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